The Essential Story

Case Studies:

The company was born out of the frustration of being a small business and being continually looked down on as such, by service giants that just didn’t seem to care… Mohammed felt that he deserved better treatment than that and so he worked out his own ‘DIY’ mobile phone solution. This first success prompted a further, more in depth, investigation of the telephony market; and before he knew it he was helping many more of his business contacts and friends find their way through the tariff jungle and into better deals. Adding to his ever increasing knowledge of the market, and his passion for fairness and giving good service, Mohammed decided to launch a new company to service small businesses with dedication and respect, and to share the benefits of what he had learnt.

That was just the beginning of the story and since that time, Essential Phones has grown into a mobile communications specialist with a track record of successfully s aving people money. It has built up a wide network of customers who no longer find mobile phones a painful subject and has made a whole lot of new friends, business contacts and colleagues along the way. You are invited to come along and join the journey.

The company now looks after a range of customers; from sole traders and small local businesses, right through to large corporate organisations… but it is still driven by the same idea that gave birth to it a number of years ago…

"treat all people equally, as people, not as phone numbers".